Saturday, February 18, 2012

Will Run for Pancakes

A meetup I couldn't refuse.  It was as if the GP Runners said,
How can we get John to join us on a run?  I know, he raced the PoHo Hot Cocoa with the promise of chocolate at the finish line.  Maybe we can get him with pancakes!

Disclaimer:  These are not from OPH.

And it wasn't just any pancakes.  We're talking the Mecca of pancake lovers, The Original Pancake House.  We would meet in the OPH parking lot at 6am, head out and return around 8 for pancakey goodness. Some people had the goal of 10 miles, while a small subgroup said they'd do more like 7.  Hal told me my long run this week should be 6, so I figured I would join the 'slow group', get my miles in and feast. 

What really happened...
I showed up a few minutes past 6am.  As soon as I got out of my car I see the group taking off, but one person paused, "John?  You cut it close, come on!"  I joined up with the gang and took off for about a mile when I realized this group showed no signs of splitting.  We took a potty break a few miles in at Kroger and I was able to converse a little waiting for everyone.
"So you're doing the full 10?"
"I haven't ran 10 since the Freep!"
"Well how far have you gone this year?"
"I did 7 in early January."
"Thats close enough."
Yeah that 7mi was at like a 10:30 pace, but I didn't mention that to a bunch of people who don't seem to think back to back 10 mi runs in the 9s is a lot.  So there I was, new guy trying my hardest to keep up.  After mile 5, we split three ways.  Angela, who kept the conversation going with me the whole run, stayed back with me.  I was really greatful for it, because I would have probably walked if left alone.

We finally made it back to Pancake Mecca and as we were about to cross the street, we were told that we're only at 9.6 mi.  Reluctantly, we did a short out and back to make it 10...

Stop.... Pancake Time!

While enjoying my buttermilk beauties and necter of the gods, Cadillac Coffee, I did the math (no Garmin today) and even with the potty break total duration was no more than 1:40. I just ran sub 10 for 10, a feat I'm pretty sure I haven't done before.

Lesson learned: sometimes it just takes a little peer pressure and pancakes to push the limits.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Here we go again.

Well week 1 of training for my 2nd half is complete. Its a slow start seeing as I missed 2 workouts totaling 6 miles. That's okay, I'll get back in the groove soon enough.

What I didn't skip out on, however,  was Wednesday's speed/interval work.  That as probably the first time doing "sprint" (5k pace) intervals since I was on CC. I remember hating them then, but now its more of a love-hate relationship. I used the indoor track at school which is better than the 'mill, but its also 13 laps/mile. The OCD in me hates that they couldn't make it a little larger so at least I could do a 400 in whole number of laps. Instead it was 3 1/3 laps. I walked the remaining 2/3 lap to reset my interval. By the end of my workout, it was less than 30 minutes of my time, but I wanted to puke (ahh, the memories of CC coming in clearer now).

Did my long run on Sunday. It was a nice and warm 20° out. Having not done my laundry from the other outdoor run, I scrounged up all the random gear I could. I looked like a hobo. Every article was a different color. The kickers were the bright red balaclava and the tan knit wool glove/mittens with the fingers exposed for maximum style points.

Looking forward to my stretch/rest day today and my GP Runner's group pancake run. That's right, 10 miles at 6am on Saturday. Start/finish at Original Pancake House.