About Me

Hello all,
I'm an enthusiastic runner from the metro Detroit area.  I found a love for running when I was young.  Then I lost touch with it while in college, but it has since returned with a mission.

Life At Home
I'm married to my lovely wife, Lauren, who hates running (she'd much rather swim or do yoga in a 110 degree room).  Together we have a son, Jack, and a dog, Buddy.  I love to take Jack and Buddy on runs, but never at the same time.

Why I Started Running
I've been running since grade school, mostly because others said I was good at it.  I decided to join track, which led me to join cross country in high school.  By my school's standards, I was good; varsity level as a freshman.  Then after my first invitational, I realized we were a long ways from the top.  I don't remember much more about then.  I think my 5K PR was about 19:10.

Why I Run, Today
Once family life started to kick in, my weight started to go up as well.  I have many reasons for running:
  • to lose weight
  • to be healthy for my family
  • for that runner's high
  • to push my boundries
  • because I sit on my ass a lot as an engineer
I have a lifelong goal of completing my first full marathon.  I took a big step closer to that goal, recently completing my first half marathon.  The experience was amazing and I look forward to moving forward.

Anyways, thats me.  A father/husband/dog lover/engineer who likes to run.  Thanks for reading this far, I know I wouldn't of.