Friday, October 21, 2011

Recovery is Boring

Recovery is boring. Rather than running, I'm planning out training and
races and other running related things. I have a list of races planned
for the next year in my preparation of the full marathon in October.
Another half in the spring a half in the late summer and as many 10 and 5
k that I can afford, including Warrior Dash.
Some friends have sparked interest for the PoHo Hot Cocoa 8k in January.
Sounds fun. The after party is chocolate themed and you get a neat
I set up an appointment with a sports medicine doctor for a post-race
checkup. Hoping she can educate me on some of my pains, like the one in
my heel and outer foot. The pain has subsided a lot since the race, but I
figured a nice 5 miler the night before will make it surface.

Also, I grabbed a Groupon for an hour massage at a nearby spa (Belle
Sante). Turns out the owner went to high school with me, but I'm not sure
if we ever spoke to each other. Never had a full massage before, hope I
don't get addicted. Running costs enough already.

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