Monday, February 13, 2012

Here we go again.

Well week 1 of training for my 2nd half is complete. Its a slow start seeing as I missed 2 workouts totaling 6 miles. That's okay, I'll get back in the groove soon enough.

What I didn't skip out on, however,  was Wednesday's speed/interval work.  That as probably the first time doing "sprint" (5k pace) intervals since I was on CC. I remember hating them then, but now its more of a love-hate relationship. I used the indoor track at school which is better than the 'mill, but its also 13 laps/mile. The OCD in me hates that they couldn't make it a little larger so at least I could do a 400 in whole number of laps. Instead it was 3 1/3 laps. I walked the remaining 2/3 lap to reset my interval. By the end of my workout, it was less than 30 minutes of my time, but I wanted to puke (ahh, the memories of CC coming in clearer now).

Did my long run on Sunday. It was a nice and warm 20° out. Having not done my laundry from the other outdoor run, I scrounged up all the random gear I could. I looked like a hobo. Every article was a different color. The kickers were the bright red balaclava and the tan knit wool glove/mittens with the fingers exposed for maximum style points.

Looking forward to my stretch/rest day today and my GP Runner's group pancake run. That's right, 10 miles at 6am on Saturday. Start/finish at Original Pancake House.

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