Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Haven't Blogged You in the Longest Time

Its been quite some time since my last update.  There is so much to cover:

First order of business.  The pop culture reference in the last post's
title was a lyric from Irving Berlin's "I Want to go back to Michigan".
That's simple enough to Google, but why was it my title?  The song was
performed by Judy Garland for the movie, The Easter Parade...and it was
Easter.  That's how my brain works...sorry.

Training News:
I was disappointed to skip my 11 mile run on week 10.  Because of that, I
ended it up not reaching 20 miles for the week.  I bounced back in week 11
with a very positive 12 mile run.  Weather wasn't the most favorable these
past few weeks, so I've learned to accept the treadmill for short,
lunchtime runs.  One day I decided to try negative splits and now its the
only way I can run on the 'mill.  Its win/win:  I get some speedwork in, I
don't get as bored, and I can get off that dreaded hampsterwheel sooner.

Run of note:
I had my last long run before Let's Move this past Saturday.  It was
supposed to be 12, but ended up being 12.6 miles and I did it in about the
same time I did the Detroit Half.  Methinks I'll be able to shave a few
minutes off my PR.  I felt solid the entire way; even detoured to a nice
hill.  At about 4.5 miles, I made my way to Anthony's where he loaned me a
scoop of HEED and joined me for the final 8.  I've been meaning to try
HEED and I think it really helped.  It will be in one of my bottles this

Random Thoughts:
During my long run, a man pulled over and asked for directions to one of
the high schools.  It made me realize that local runners must be some of
the most knowledgeable people to ask for specific directions.  While the
directions I gave the man weren't as specific, I could have probably given
him distances down to the tenth of a mile.  As runners we know the true
value of a mile.

Final Thoughts:
Yesterday was my final exam (I think I passed), so hello

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