Monday, April 9, 2012

I'd rather be where they go to bed at nine

Had a pretty good week after the previous week where I managed to only get 8 miles in.  Somewhere in those 8 miles I hurt my knee, too.  Did that stop me?  Nope.  I put in 9 miles early in the week.  My knee was really feeling it.  Did it stop me? For two days I took some rest, not really because of my knee, but schedule.

Some friends from DC drove into town for Easter.  Lisa is a triathlete and her fiance, Dave has ran several marathons, including Boston.  I asked if they had their running gear with them and they said yes.  So Friday morning (after a Thursday night of drinking) we headed out for a 10-miler.  It was a great run with friends that 1) I get to see maybe 2-3 times a year and 2) share a love of running.  I don't have too many of those.  Dave got a tour of the area.  He was fascinated with the night-and-day border of when we crossed over from Grosse Pointe to Detroit and just about every house was falling apart.  We thought we had cut the run short, but we still somehow managed to break 10 miles.

My knee felt fine the whole time.  It was a few hours later that it started acting up again.  Easter Sunday I snuck out real quick for 3-4 miles.  The first mile I was asking myself "why?"  My knee was acting up so much that I was practically limping the first mile.  I told myself that maybe I'd just do 2 miles.  That would be enough to break 20 for the week.  After that first mile I decided to not turn around and to keep going.  The knee eventually loosened up and I was able to run with a form that didn't quite resemble Igor.

Should I see a doctor?  Probably.  Will I? No.  At least not before the Let's Move Half.  Plenty of time to heal after that.

Theme of this past week

Oh and one more thing.  Someone has been consistently +1ing my posts on Google.  Its not public as to who though.  So this is a call out to you:  come out of hiding add me to a circle.

Just kidding. One last thing.  Leave a comment explaining the pop culture reference in the title of this and every other post (there's always one hidden) and you'll get a point.  Points have no monetary value, but if you collect enough, you can trade them in for my gratitude (I'm broke.  That's all I can afford).

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  1. Been following your tweets, John. Good luck next week!

    Dan Hegner