Monday, March 19, 2012

MTV Didn't Follow This Spring Break

Another week in the books. A quick summary:
  • Stuck to training schedule for a full week
  • Added a lot of walking
  • First trail run of the year
  • Made a new friend
Corktown PR left my legs aching for a few days. None-the-less, I went out Tuesday morning and brought my quadriped friend, Buddy along. Started the week off right and hit all my goals for the week.
My Running Buddy

The weather has been unbelievable for mid-March and so the family has been taking full advantage of it. We walked about 10 miles this past week. To the grocery store, the library, coffee shop, or nowhere in particular.  Being on Spring break helped.  Back to class today, but we still plan on getting our walks in.

On Sunday Anthony, his brother-in-law, and new friend Marisa joined me at Stony Creek for the first trail run of the year. I put the call out on the social medias and Marisa responded on the GP Runner FB page. I had seen her on FB before, but we had never met until Sunday. Turns out her pace is right in my zone and we're both training for the Let's Move half. Maybe a new member of Team TBD (the unofficial team of Anthony, Emily and me - we still can't think of a real team name).

Back to the trails... we got in a decent 6 miles that flew by.  Trail runs are so much more interesting. They keep you on your toes, twisting, winding, avoiding roots and rocks. The trails we ran are actually for mountain bikes, so they can get a little technical. We all had so much fun, that this run was definitely going to have some sequels.

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