Friday, March 23, 2012

Up With The Sun, Gone With The Wind

Does anyone ever notice my titles are almost always in reference to something in pop culture; usually a song? I used to do that in my writing classes, as well.  Leave a comment if you get it (no Google).  I'm curious.

Anyways, had a nice 6 this morning.  I did something I had been meaning to since I moved into this house.  I woke up early enough on a day off to make it down to the lake shore and watch the sun come up.  Its not the clearest of days, but I was still awesome.  I woke up later than planned, but I hurried out the door and made the 1.5 mile trip to shore, just-in-time to see this:
Well it looks like the clouds bought me a little time, so I stuck around, did some stretches, and even threw in some sit-ups all while greeting the sun.

I often find myself getting a little jealous when I see other runners posting their trail runs that are right in their neighborhood.  I'd love to be able to run Paint Creek Trail and spot the HBDP team on their daily run.  Or hit the trails out at Stoney.  But I can't complain too much.  Grosse Pointe is a very runner friendly community.  We have beautiful houses on heavily wooded streets, pedestrian-friendly shopping areas and the gem of the Grosse Pointes, Lakeshore Drive:

That's right, my regular run is the end credit scene of Gran Torino
 I made another quick stop to snap a photo of the riding horses at the GP Hunt Club.  Not many cities (especially next door to Detroit) can say they have something like this.
Right after this shot, they decided to trot around.  Warm-up for equestrian classes.
And that's my city.  I'll make a point to snap more shots when I'm in some other neat areas around town.  Now its time to get this weekend started.

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