Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to Basics

Week 4 of training is just about over.  Week three was just about non-existant.  After the Pancake Run, I realized maybe I wasn't ready to run 10 miles so hard.  The same pain I got just prior to the Freep was happening on my opposite leg.  I ended up resting most of the week.  On the following Thursday I attempted a 3 mile run, but could only make it 2.  I was in pain.  So a few more days of rest it was.

This week, my new shoes arrived - Brooks Defyance.  I've decided to ditch the motion control for neutral shoes.  I should have to wear shoes that correct my gait, I should correct it myself.  So with that started my new campaign for a better running form.

Day 1:  3 miles on the treadmill at school.  Kept the 'mill at about 9:30.  While trying to get accustomed to my new, non-correcting shoes, a lot of my focus was on the hips.  The more I let my hips freely rotate, the less I was worried about over/underpronation.

Day 2:  3 miles on the streets.  Again focusing on hip rotation, but also trying to keep my body slanted forward.  Its one of the principles of Chi Running that I'm trying to follow.  I was trying to take it easy while focusing on form, but at the end of mile 1, I realized I ran a 8:55.  I decided to maintain and see how it goes.  My easy 3 was done in under 28 - not my usual easy.

Day 3:  Kept Friday a rest day and headed out this morning for a windy 3.  More focusing of the same, but added awareness of foot landing.  Goal is to not place my feet in front of me.  Doing this has me working my calves much more than usual.  Also, I find extra power in my toes.  Until this week, my toes provided balance, not propulsion.  I think that may be a key factor in where this speed is coming from.  It was another low 9 pace, even with this high wind advisory going on.

So apparently my new avg pace is 9:06.  We'll see how this works out tomorrow, when I go for my Sunday long of 7.

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