Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Proud Mary Keeps on Burning...

After reading about trigger points and myofascial release, I've been wanting to purchase a foam roller.  It seemed to the the must have tool for runners.  As luck would have it, a local gym was offering a class on how to properly use one.  They even provided one along with an instructional DVD.  I jumped on the offer and showed up yesterday.

I expected it going in, but it %$!@ hurts!  We spent just under an hour going through all the techiques for different muscles.  I knew my calves were bad, they've been tight since Corktown.  I wasn't expecting the pain in the glutes that I felt.  Supposedly the more I roll, the better it gets.  So its been less than 24 hours and I've already done three sessions.
You really do look this cool when you do it.

Except your face looks like this.
Woke up early this morning to get 5 miles in before work.  Decided to roll as my warm-up.  About a mile in, I stopped to stretch.  My right shin gets really tight.  Eventually I'll go to a PT about it, but until then I just keep stretching and rolling.  At mile two, I was a mess.  Both legs were giving me hell, but I powered through.  Finally I reached mile 4 and things started to loosen up.  Too bad I was 80% done with my run and no time to extend it.

It was a shame it was so early.  I was along the lake and the sun wouldn't rise for another 2 hours.  One Day I'll catch it.

When I got back I went straight to the roller and did another session.  I must say, my legs feel fine after my run.  The roller stays.

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